Certificate Description

The KU School of Social Welfare’s Certificate in Child Welfare provides seniors in the B.S.W. Program with specialized knowledge and skills to prepare them for a career in the field of child welfare. The Certificate in Child Welfare offers specialized training in social work practice with children and families who are involved with the child welfare system and provides a child welfare practicum as part of the experience. 

Requirements for the Certificate in Child Welfare are as follows:

  • Field Practicum with an agency that is working with children and families as part of the child welfare system in the student's final year (SW 601) - 12 hours
  • Undergraduate mini-course:  SW 634 - Child Welfare: Protecting Children, Strengthening Families - 1.5 hours
  • One additional mini-course:  SW 630 - Antisocial, Aggressive Behavior in Childhood & Early Adolescence; SW 631 - Intimate Partner Violence; SW 632 Substance Abuse & Social Work Practice; OR SW 633 Crisis Intervention. - 1.5 hours
  • SW 610 - Social Work Practice Seminar I - 3 hours
  • SW 612 - Social Work Practice Seminar II - 3 hours
  • Applied Behavioral Science (ABSC 160)  - 3 hours
  • Psychology (PSYC 104) - 3 hours