Why study film and media?

The Department of Film and Media Studies unites the inquiry of the academic with the practice and technique of the artist. Scholars and filmmakers work and study together in an environment of mutual encouragement and collegiality.

Requirements for the Minor

Students selecting this minor must complete the following:
FMS 100Introduction to Film and Media3
FMS 200Film and Media Aesthetics3
Select 12 hours from the following courses:
FMS 302Undergraduate Studies Seminar in: _____1-3
FMS 304Study Abroad Topics in: _____1-6
FMS 310History of the Silent Film3
FMS 311History of the American Sound Film3
FMS 312History of the International Sound Film to 19503
FMS 313History of the International Sound Film Post 19503
FMS 314History of African-American Images in Film3
FMS 315Survey of Japanese Film3
FMS 316Cinemas of the Southern Cone: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay3
FMS 318Anti-war Film3
FMS 322Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Cinema3
FMS 323War and Memory in Asian Film 3
FMS 345New Media and Society3
FMS 355Storytelling with Digital Media3
FMS 380American Popular Culture of: _____3
FMS 410US Diversity in Visual Culture3
FMS 411Television Studies3
FMS 413Asian Media Studies3
FMS 425Ethics in Storytelling3
FMS 530Film and Media Theory3
FMS 531Contemporary Concepts in Media Studies3
FMS 540Cuban Cinema3
FMS 541Asian Film3
FMS 543Contemporary Japanese Film3
FMS 544African Film3
FMS 592Documentary Film and Video3
FMS 593Experimental Film and Video3
FMS 620International Women Filmmakers3

Minor Hours & Minor GPA

While completing all required courses, minors must also meet each of the following hour and GPA minimum standards:

Minor Hours

Satisfied by 18 hours of minor courses.

Minor Hours in Residence

Satisfied by a minimum of 9 hours of KU resident credit in the minor.

Minor Junior/Senior Hours

Satisfied by a minimum of 12 hours from junior/senior courses (300+) in the minor.