BS in Civil Engineering

The following are recommended enrollments

CE 1012ARCE 2173
MATH 125 (Core 34: Math & Statistics (SGE))030***4MATH 1264
Core 34: English (SGE)0103Core 34: English (SGE)0103
Core 34: Communications (SGE)0203EPHX 210 or PHSX 211 (Core 34: Natural & Physical Sciences (SGE))040***3
CHEM 1505PHSX 216 (Core 34: Natural & Physical Sciences (SGE))040***1
 Natural Science Elective3
 17 17
CE 2605CE 2403
MATH 1274CE 3103
PHSX 2123CE 320 or EECS 1383
Core 34: Arts & Humanities Elective (SGE)0603MATH 2203
 ECON 104, 142, or 144 (Core 34: Social & Behavioral Sciences (SGE))050***3
 15 15
CE 3303CE 4553
CE 3311CE 4803
CE 4613CE 4874
CE 412 or 4843CE 5253
CE 4773Engineering Science ElectiveA3
Core 34: Arts & Humanities Elective (SGE)0603 
 16 16
CE 5633CE 562 (KU Capstone Course)3
CMGT 4573CE 5012
CE 552 or 576 (EWRE Design Course)3CE Design ElectiveB3
CE Design ElectiveB3Core 34: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective (SGE)0503
CE Technical ElectiveC3Core 34: Global Culture Elective (SGE)0703
Core 34: US Culture (SGE)0703Fundamentals of Engineering Exam0
 18 14
Total Hours 128

One course is selected from a pre-approved list of courses that meet ABET criteria for engineering science content in the areas of materials science, thermodynamics, circuit design, or environmental analysis.


Two of the following three courses must be taken, all of which meet ABET criteria for engineering design content: CE 582 Highway EngineeringCE 588 Foundation Engineering, or CMGT 500 Construction Engineering


Technical electives are selected from 500-level and above courses in Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, or Construction Management not already taken, or 600-level and above courses from other engineering departments. All technical electives must meet ABET criteria for engineering science or design content. 


*  - This course is a Required major course and is also part of Core 34: Systemwide General Education.  If this course is not taken to fulfill the Core 34:SGE requirement, it must be taken in place of elective hours.

**  - This course is a Recommended Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This specific course is not required but is recommended by the program’s faculty.

***  - This course is a Required Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This program is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to require this specific Core 34:Systemwide General Education course.  If a student did not take this course it must be taken in addition to other degree requirements.