Clinical Laboratory Sciences

The mission of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences is to provide undergraduate and graduate programs in which qualified students can prepare themselves for careers in the clinical laboratory sciences and molecular biotechnology. The department is responsive to current workforce needs in health care and life science systems, and provides leadership in developing programs to meet those needs.   

Located at the region's premier academic health center, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences is a part of the School of Health Professions on the Medical Center campus of the University of Kansas. KU Medical Center is located in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area at 39th and Rainbow Boulevard – about 40 minutes away from the main KU campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

To support its missions, the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences offers the following degree programs:

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

This four-year, entry-level degree is for those with an interest in performing diagnostic testing on blood, bodily fluids, and other human specimens.  The BS in CLS is available in two options: (i) the Clinical Concentration which is an accredited Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program, or (ii) the Molecular Biotechnology Concentration which is an accredited Diagnostic Molecular Scientist (DMS) program.  Students are also offered the option of completing both the MLS and DMS programs by adding an additional semester of study.  The MLS and DMS programs are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018, 773-714-8880.

Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology

A two-year, non-thesis program, this graduate-level degree prepares students for research careers in molecular biotechnology-oriented clinical, industrial and basic science laboratories. Students obtain training in the use and application of cutting edge molecular-based methodologies and instrumentation as well as critical thinking, trouble shooting, and communication skills.

Doctorate in Clinical Laboratory Science

The doctorate program allows practicing, certified medical laboratory scientists the opportunity for advanced practice and training at the highest level. Besides providing career advancement opportunities, the DCLS graduate will be able to institutionalize new models of clinical consultation to clinicians, other health care providers, and patients to guide their decisions about utilization of laboratory tests or services. This three-year program includes two years of core curriculum courses and one year of clinical residency, if completed on a full-time basis (part-time options are available).

Advising and FAQ

For information about clinical laboratory science at KU, please visit the department’s website. Students interested in entering these programs should contact an advisor as early as possible to ensure prerequisite course work will be completed.  Advising and campus visits are available Monday-Friday by appointment. Please email for information. For advising on the KU Lawrence campus, please see the KU Undergraduate Advising Center.