Health Information Management

The University of Kansas offers a bachelor’s degree in health information management, an exciting health profession focused on managing health data and information to improve health care delivery. This degree program entails the theory and application of this health profession with an emphasis on hands-on applied learning, as well as interprofessional education activities with other health care professionals in training. The curriculum focuses on health care management, data and information management practices, health information systems and technology, types of health care settings and how health services are delivered, and clinical concepts. Students in this program complete their final two years of their bachelor degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center campus.

Graduates of this program are positioned to become leaders in health care with the skills required to analyze and manage health data and information, including the systems, processes, and teams of people who work with health data and information. Those with a degree in health information management may find work in varieties of settings including at health information technology companies, hospitals, physician offices, health insurance companies, and government agencies, among others. To learn more about this program and the profession of health information management, please visit the program website.

Upon successful competition of the program, students are eligible to take the American Health Information Management Association’s certification exam. Graduates passing this exam become credentialed and nationally recognized as a registered health information administrator (RHIA).

The bachelor's degree in health information management is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management.

Students interested in entering this field should contact an advisor as early as possible in their collegiate careers to ensure prerequisite courses are completed on schedule. For more information, view the frequently asked questions for prospective students.