Minor in Global Health & Medical Humanities

The program is designed for undergraduate students who have a strong interest in obtaining a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to the study of health and illness within and across communities worldwide. While biomedicine focuses primarily on the causes, diagnoses, and treatments of diseases, this minor prompts students to consider the political economic and global historical forces, the social meanings and structures, and the relations of power that shape health and illness experiences among people, families, and communities, as well as their clinicians and caregivers in diverse contexts.

The interdisciplinary study of global health involves questioning how globalization affects patterns of disease across space and time. It offers students a framework for investigating how and why the distribution and burden of disease disproportionally falls upon poor countries and vulnerable communities. The minor’s humanistic lens allows students to consider how personal narratives, as well as their distinct linguistic and cultural meanings, apply to pressing public health and social care concerns.