Graduate Certificate in Environmental Geology

The Department of Geology, in collaboration with the KU Edwards Campus, offers a nearly all online graduate certificate in environmental geology.  The certificate consists of 13 credit hours and coursework is completed in online or online-hybrid mode, with the exception of the required 1-credit-hour field techniques workshop course, which is offered in-person. The field course typically meets on a Saturday on the Edwards or Lawrence Campus and is supplemented with online material.

The certificate courses are a subset of the graduate science courses taught in the Professional Science Masters in Environmental Geology (PSM-EG) degree program. The graduate certificate can be completed as a stand-alone graduate certificate; as a graduate certificate paired with an appropriate graduate degree that the student is simultaneously enrolled in; or as a precursor to starting the full PSM-EG program.


Dr. Marcia Schulmeister, Ph.D. , P.G., F. GSA
Department of Geology and PSM-EG
The University of Kansas


(785) 864-4974