Master of Arts in Linguistics

Why study linguistics?

Because language is a window into the mind. Linguistics provides an understanding of the human capacity to acquire, perceive, and produce language and of language’s role in contemporary society.

M.A. Overview

Our M.A. program in Linguistics requires the student to develop a solid understanding of the core areas of the discipline in addition to an in-depth specialty in one of the many areas available through the research interests of the faculty. Areas of special strength in the graduate program include phonetics, phonology, syntax, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, first language acquisition, second language acquisition, semantics, and the study of indigenous languages.

The student will work with their academic advisor to devise a course of study that best suits the student's research interests.

The M.A. program usually takes two years. Students in the M.A. program complete a written Research Proposal and an Oral Examination of the Research Proposal, typically in their fourth semester of study. Students are required to take an Advanced II-level course to develop their understanding of research in their area of interest.