Minor in Mathematics

Why study mathematics?

Because mathematics is a framework upon which humanity builds an understanding of the world.

Students getting a bachelor's degree (B.S., B.A., or B.G.S.) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a major in another field, may earn a minor in mathematics. Students getting degrees in most of the other Schools of the university (including the School of Business and the School of Engineering) may also earn the mathematics minor. The requirements are the same for all students.

The minimum course requirements for the minor are completion of 18 credit hours of mathematics department courses, including MATH 127 or MATH 147, and at least 12 credit hours of courses numbered 300 and above, excluding MATH 365. The grade point average for all mathematics courses must be at least 2.0. MATH 290, while not required for the minor, is a prerequisite to most upper division mathematics courses.

A math minor allows you to focus on the mathematics that is most relevant and interesting to you. For more information or guidance on courses, make an appointment with a math department advisor.