Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics

Why study mathematics?

Because mathematics is a framework upon which humanity builds an understanding of the world.

Mission of the Graduate Program:

The mission of the Graduate Program of the Department of Mathematics is to prepare students for leadership roles in meeting the mathematical needs of our society and to produce professional mathematicians for positions in universities, colleges, industry, governmental agencies, and research centers.

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics:

The Mathematics Department offers the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics.  The Ph.D. program provides broad and deep expertise in mathematics, culminating in a dissertation that includes significant original work.  It is intended for students with a strong mathematical background who plan a career in research in academia or industry. A broad range of specialties is possible; research interests of department faculty include algebra, analysis, combinatorics, control theory, dynamical systems, geometry, numerical analysis, partial differential equations, probability, and statistics. There are two tracks: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The requirements for each track are listed in the section Degree Requirements. College-wide requirements for graduate students may be found in the Graduate School Catalog.