Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Psychology

See here for more information on the difference between a BA and a BGS. 

Psychology examines all aspects of human behavior: Why do people behave the way they do? What makes people happy or unhappy? What are the relationships between the mind and the brain? Majoring in psychology allows you to explore the behavior of people and how their minds work, and then apply that knowledge to the modern world.

Students have many reasons for wanting to major in psychology. Some are simply fond of observing the behavior of others around them, fascinated with the results of their observations and curious to learn why people behave as they do. Some plan to become psychologists themselves or to enter one of the many professions where a background in psychology can be useful -- such as, business, teaching, medicine, nursing, law, social work, the ministry, counseling, student services, child development, administration, or human resources.

Our department offers a wide variety of psychology courses from which to choose and additional experiences and opportunities are available beyond the classroom. There are many chances to engage in extracurricular enrichment, including Psi Chi, a research-focused Honors Program, research assistantships and volunteer opportunities in faculty labs.

Our scientific approach to understanding human behavior equips students with a solid foundation of analytical, research and interpersonal skills for careers in many fields with a human service emphasis. 

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