Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine crosses the bridge between basic science and clinical practice and involves the study and diagnosis of disease. We emphasize innovative, service-oriented programs that encompass a full spectrum of medical practice. Our Mission is to provide excellent teaching, research, patient care and community service and to meet the health needs of Kansas and the community at large. Our Aim is to provide a supportive work environment so that each individual can excel and pursue avenues that lead to recognition within the medical community and benefit healthcare at large.

The Department provides vital patient services to the Hospital, Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area and outlying medical facilities through our clinical laboratory and anatomic (surgical) services. Faculty are board-accredited and the department provides a full spectrum of subspecialized expertise. The clinical laboratory processes over 3 million samples per year including the services of robotic automation and is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT). The core laboratory reviews over 38,000 surgical pathology specimens per year, reflecting 9% year over year case growth; cytopathologists review 13,000 accessions per year. 2,500 bone marrow accessions are reviewed per year. The Department provides material to the University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Biospecimen Tissue Laboratory towards ongoing research and development of new and improved treatment modalities.

Basic Science research is conducted through our Division of Molecular Pathobiology and includes cancer biology, developmental biology and cell differentiation, stem cell biology, and microbial and viral pathogenesis. Our laboratories are supported by external funding from sources including the NIH as well as private resources; faculty and laboratories reside on both sides of the state line at the KUMC, Children's Mercy Kansas City,  and Stowers Institute campuses. Faculty numbers have increased dramatically since 2004, from 3 in 2004 to 29 in 2023.

The Department is committed to education through its basic science research, medical, and continuing medical education programs. Basic Science education is sponsored through our Graduate and Postdoctoral programs and has grown commensurate with division laboratory expansion; there are currently 16 graduate students and 8 postdoctoral fellows enrolled in basic science programs and labs. 

Please refer to pages included in this catalog on both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Pathology for additional information regarding each program.