Bachelor of Music with concentration in Music Theory

MTHC 1053MTHC 1153
MTHC 1061MTHC 1161
PIAN 1441PIAN 1481
REC 1000REC 1000
XXXX 121 Lessons2XXXX 121 Lessons2
Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1
Core 34: English (SGE)0103Core 34: English (SGE)0103
Core 34: Math and Statistics (SGE)0303Core 34: Natural and Physical Sciences (SGE)0404
 14 15
MTHC 2053MTHC 3153
MUSC 3203MUSC 3403
PIAN 2842XXXX 221 Lessons2
XXXX 221 Lessons2Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1
Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1MTHC 442 (spring only)3
MTHC 252 (fall only)2Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE)0503
Core 34: Communications (SGE)0203 
 16 15
MTHC 4103MTHC 2532
MTHC 4323XXXX 321 Lessons2
MUSC 3603Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1
XXXX 321 Lessons2XXXX 100 Keyboard lessons2
Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1COND 2451
Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE) 0603Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE)0503
 Core 34: US Culture (SGE)0703
 15 17
MTHC 499 (capstone)2MTHC 499 (capstone)2
MTHC 471 (fall only)3MTHC 4333
MTHC 4743XXXX 421 Lessons2
MTHC 4773Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1
XXXX 421 Lessons2Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE) 0603
Ensemble by audition CHOR,BAND,etc.1Core 34: Global Culture (SGE)0703
 14 14
Total Hours 120


*  - This course is a Required major course and is also part of Core 34: Systemwide General Education.  If this course is not taken to fulfill the Core 34:SGE requirement, it must be taken in place of elective hours.

**  - This course is a Recommended Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This specific course is not required but is recommended by the program’s faculty.

***  - This course is a Required Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This program is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to require this specific Core 34:Systemwide General Education course.  If a student did not take this course it must be taken in addition to other degree requirements.