Doctor of Philosophy in Music with concentration in Musicology

Ph.D. in Music - Admission to Musicology Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology is for students who desire advanced work in the field, including the desire to write a dissertation, a substantial research project that includes original research in the field. The applicant is expected to hold a Master of Music degree with emphasis in musicology from KU or an equivalent master’s degree from another accredited institution. Students who hold M.M. degrees in other fields, such as performance or theory, are also eligible to apply for the degree but should expect additional required coursework, often one or two additional seminar classes. In addition to the required transcripts and letters of recommendation, the applicant for admission to the Ph.D. program should submit a resume or CV of professional training and experience, samples of original scholarly writing, and a personal statement describing their interest in the field and career goals.

Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology Program

MUSC 801Music Bibliography and Research3
MUSC 940Seminar on Selected Topics in Musicology: _____6
Advanced Musicology (must be 700-level or above)9
Advanced Music Theory (must be 700-level or above)9
Electives (any graduate-level course)15
MUSC 999Dissertation18