Population Health Nursing Certificate

The Population Health Nursing Certificate (13 credit hours) is a program that prepares nurses with skills in health promotion of a target population, clinical and translational applications of epidemiology, global perspectives of healthcare, change leadership, and policy analysis.
Students may complete the Population Health Nursing Certificate as a licensed professional with a nursing degree, as a post-graduate certificate, or concurrently with a graduate program in nursing or other health-related discipline. All courses are online.
Approved as a Stackable Program: To encourage career and academic progression, students who have completed the Population Health Nursing Certificate may apply the five certificate courses (NRSG 808, NRSG 809, NRSG 811, NRSG 826, NRSG 880) towards degree requirements for the Master of Science or Doctor of Nursing Practice, Public Health Nursing specialty area. Those admitted without a baccalaureate degree in nursing are not eligible for the stackable option.