Graduate Certificate in K-12 Building Leadership

Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Building Leadership in Educational Administration

Program Info:

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership consists of a 24 hour block of coursework, including an extensive field-based practicum and a comprehensive interactive electronic portfolio.  The typical sequence of required coursework takes four semesters to complete, two courses each term.  The first semester includes the foundational course, ELPS 750 The Principalship, and the final semester includes ELPS 895, Internship. The additional 18 credit hours of required coursework can be taken in any sequence. Students submit a comprehensive electronic portfolio at the end of the program that documents their proficiencies with national and state standards in building leadership. 

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership is fully online and will have two designated start dates in any given academic year. Students are asked to reference exact dates for application deadlines and start dates. 

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership is a component of the University of Kansas’s state of Kansas approved licensure endorsement program in Building Leadership PK-12. To add "Building Leadership PK-12" endorsement to a professional license in the state of Kansas, candidates must complete the following: 1) the 24 credit hours that constitute the Graduation Certificate in Educational Leadership, 2) have an earned master’s and/or doctoral degree in an education related field, 3) have 5 years of accredited teaching experience, and 4) a passing score on the state-mandated licensure exam.

Completion of a graduate certificate is not a guarantee of licensure or endorsement of any kind.  It is each student’s responsibility to determine the licensure and endorsement requirements in his or her state and to apply for the licenses or endorsements necessary for his or her career goals.