Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences

Health, Sport, and Exercise Science

The Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Science (HSES) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees preparing students to work in health, sport, and exercise-related fields. HSES graduates apply their knowledge to serve as teachers, researchers, clinicians, managers, administrators and other professionals in academic, private, and public settings.

The department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Science (HSES) has a proud history. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball and KU's first basketball coach and athletic director began teaching physical education in 1898 – twelve years before the School of Education & Human Sciences came into existence.

In addition to its academic programs, HSES offers research opportunities for faculty and students in a variety of laboratories,  which include research in applied physiology, athletic performance, neuromechanics, exercise science, amateur sports, sport & exercise psychology and other areas.

The department is also active in community outreach with swim classes, the Sports Skills and Fitness School, and Hawk Fitness Academy for children.

In addition, the department offers physical activity classes (HSES 108) for KU students and fitness and recreation facilities for faculty and staff.