Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration

The 9 hour certificate in Higher Education Administration is a generalist certificate that affords students an opportunity to be introduced to the academic scholarship on higher education, the study of colleges and universities. It is intended for several primary audiences: 1) PhD students who intend to work in higher education as faculty members or in other positions such as academic advisors; 2) Administrators who find that some formal exposure to academic literature topics related to colleges and universities would help them in their administrative positions; and, 3) Current administrators who may wish to update their knowledge of the theory and research on higher education. 

With careful planning and in consultation with an advisor, prospective students could use certain courses toward the master’s, EdD (or PhD) in higher education.

The certificate will offer two options:

Option #1 for individuals with bachelors degrees: ELPS 780 Introduction to Higher Education is the anchoring course. The student would take 2 additional courses selected from among master's courses. These could be counted towards a master's degree. 

Option #2 is for individuals with significant administrative experience or who have a doctoral degree. The anchoring course is ELPS 851 History of Higher Education in the United States. Student will take two electives selected from among master's or doctoral courses. With careful planning, these courses could count towards either the EdD or PhD.