Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Education

The Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Education is designed to draw on basic and applied interdisciplinary research from the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science to explore human learning and development and to understand how research in these fields will generate innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and education.

Completion of the 12 credit hour certificate in Mind, Brain, and Education represents an additional credential for graduate students from a variety of academic fields who are preparing for careers in research and teaching or professional practice. The certificate is designed for PK-16 teachers and instructors, administrators, and student support personnel, as well as organizational leaders, consultants, and policy makers seeking to explore how research from the learning sciences has the potential to inform the field of education. The cornerstone of this certificate centers on understanding the neural mechanisms of learning and development and the role of experience in shaping (neuroplasticity) the brain through the lifespan.

The timeframe for completion is two semesters (one academic year) or four semesters (two academic years), depending on the number of courses taken per semester.