Graduate Certificate in Transition

Designed to be completed in as little as one year, the online Graduate Certificate in Transition provides graduates with knowledge in evidence-based practices to improve the post-secondary outcomes of youth with disabilities.  

This program WILL NOT lead to any initial teacher licensure/certification or endorsement for the state of KS. State-by-state requirements vary. Completion of a graduate certificate is not a guarantee of licensure or endorsement of any kind.  It is each student’s responsibility to determine the licensure and endorsement requirements in their state and to apply for the licenses or endorsements necessary for their career goals.

This Department of Special Education online program is comprised of rigorous eight week courses for a total of 15 credit hours (5 courses). A majority of the work is completed asynchronously, meaning that it does not happen “live.” Courses are eight weeks long (2 courses per a typical semester) and typically contain multiple milestones throughout the course. Students are expected to follow the course modules in order, submit assignments on time, and participate in online discussions with classmates. Potential students must ensure that they are prepared to be successful.  Online coursework will require approximately 15- 20 hours of undivided attention per week (including readings, online discussions, individual projects, etc.). 

Students need to have consistent access to high speed internet services (basic broadband- 1Mbps) and a personal computer that features Office 2016 or equivalent will be necessary.  A tablet or mobile device (i.e., smartphone) will not be sufficient as a primary means of accessing the Internet for the online coursework.