Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Early Intervention

The Interdisciplinary Early Intervention Certificate (IEI) program focuses on preparing practitioners (e.g., speech-language pathologists, early childhood special education) to meet the developmental and early education needs of young children (birth-3 years old) with developmental delays or disabilities and those children considered at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. This is a four course (11-12 hour), face-to-face, graduate certificate program with 2 required courses and 2 electives, selected from other related areas. As an interdisciplinary program, the focus is on interdisciplinary early intervention in natural and inclusive settings. Special attention is paid to the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate, family-centered supports. 11-12 credit hours are required to complete the certificate.  This program is open to individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who are interested in the field of early intervention.

This program WILL NOT lead to any initial teacher licensure/certification or endorsement for the state of KS. State-by-state requirements vary. Completion of a graduate certificate is not a guarantee of licensure or endorsement of any kind. It is each student’s responsibility to determine the licensure and endorsement requirements in his or her state and to apply for the licenses or endorsements necessary for his or her career goals.