Minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures

Why study East Asian languages and cultures?

China, Japan, and Korea are three of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world, offering rich literary and philosophical traditions, vibrant contemporary cultures, and cutting-edge technological innovation. Mainland China and Japan have the world’s largest economies after the United States and, along with South Korea and Taiwan, are key U.S. trading partners. Thousands of US companies do business with East Asia. Economic, political and cultural connections between the US and East Asia are of critical significance for the US and will continue to be so throughout the 21st century.

With an EALC B.A., students can pursue a range of careers in business, government, education, nonprofit organizations, to name a few, or continue on to graduate study in East Asian languages and cultures. Many students pair an EALC major or minor with a second major to widen their skill-set and increase their competitiveness as they enter the global marketplace. Some students choose EALC related courses to connect with their heritage or to fulfill personal interests.