Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Why study East Asian languages and cultures?

We cover China, Japan, and Korea, three of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. Study of these languages and cultures opens the door to immensely rich traditions in literature, philosophy, and art, as well as contemporary global phenomena such as Anime, K-pop, popular cuisines, and martial arts.  And, with its long tradition of invention and creativity, East Asia is at the forefront of technological innovation today. Mainland China and Japan have the world's largest economies after the United States, and, along with South Korea and Taiwan, are key U.S. trading partners. Thousands of US companies do business with East Asia. Economic and political relations with East Asia are of critical importance to the US and are becoming more significant every year.

Studying with us will prepare you for today’s interconnected world, open up opportunities for travel and adventure, and give you a competitive edge when you enter the job market. Learning an East Asian language and culture at KU is a fun, rewarding experience, and many students also study-abroad in East Asia while at KU. Students often pair an EALC major or minor with a second major to widen their skill-set and increase their competitiveness as they enter the global marketplace. Our graduates have gone on to successful positions in business, government, finance, non-profit organizations, teaching, research, and many other fields.