Undergraduate Certificate in Critical Thinking and Writing

Creativity and innovation are how businesses move forward and gain a competitive edge. They also present ways to explore your abilities and develop practical skills that help you see the big picture, while approaching problems in a constructive, unique way that helps you stand out from the crowd.

The KU Edwards Campus offers two undergraduate certificate programs that develop your writing and critical thinking skills for the professional world, and add a valuable KU qualification to your resume. Develop your professional writing skills and critical analysis abilities with the Critical Thinking and Writing certificate. If you are more motivated by creativity, develop your creative side and critical thinking skills with the Creative and Analytical Writing certificate.

Each certificate can be completed in three semesters, and offers a light course load and flexible curriculum that you can take at your own pace. Apply the skills and thought processes you learn to the work you’re already doing and become the innovative, constructive leader you’ve always wanted to be.

This certificate pairs technical writing and research courses with literature courses that study works in context. The program works directly on professional writing and critical analysis skills, honing your abilities and strengthening your capacity to accurately critique ideas and understand diverse points of view.

*The Critical Thinking and Writing certificate and Creative and Analytical Writing certificate are only available to students at the KU Edwards Campus.