This is an opportunity to gain formal recognition for completing courses and experiences specifically focused on learning and communication in children with autism.  Students completing this certificate program will learn about communication development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and learn about behavioral intervention strategies. It is designed to promote interest in undergraduates who may be considering careers such as education or becoming a therapist. An additional goal is to promote awareness of some of the communication challenges faced by individuals with ASD so that participants in the certificate program will become more informed citizens in our increasingly diverse world. Completion of the certificate will be noted on student’s transcripts. 

SPLH 464/764Undergraduate Seminar in: _____ Communication in Autism1-3
ABSC 350The Behavioral Treatment of Children with Autism3
Complete one of the following courses in Speech-Language-Hearing:
SPLH 261Survey of Communication Disorders3
SPLH 566Language Development3
SPLH 497Mentored Research Experience2-8
SPLH 498Departmental Honors Research2-8
Complete one of the following (hands-on experiences)
ABSC 680Practicum in Advanced Laboratory in the Development of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autsm1-6
SPLH 452Examining Global Perspectives in Speech-Language-Hearing: ______ Study Abroad in Peru3
A minimum of 12 credit hours required to complete certificate