The master's degree in speech-language pathology is designed to produce highly skilled clinicians seeking to enter the field and is typically completed in five full-time semesters (including a summer semester). The program length may vary, for example, for the student requiring prerequisites be completed or one pursuing additional thesis or course work. A master's degree from KU will, in most circumstances, satisfy the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's certification standards for continuing on to the clinical fellowship year. A certificate of clinical competence in speech-language pathology is awarded upon completion of a successful clinical fellowship.

Undergraduate Degree
A bachelor's degree with a cumulative 3.0 GPA on all college courses taken is required. It is expected that students will have obtained a broad general education to serve as a background prior to graduate study. Ideally students will have completed an undergraduate degree in speech pathology or a related field including the prerequisite course work. Alternatively, students with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field can be provisionally admitted under certain circumstances, as detailed below.

Prerequisite Course Work
At least 35 credits in speech pathology study (or equivalent courses) are required, and a minimum 3.25 GPA is required on the courses (or similar courses) listed under the degree requirements tab.

Clinical Prerequisites
Students are required to have completed 25 clock hours of directed clinical observation before beginning graduate clinical practicum. If observation hours are needed, those will be provided during the first semester of enrollment in the program.

Graduate Record Examination
Official scores from the Graduate Record Examination must be submitted prior to admission. The following are minimal acceptable scores: GRE Verbal: 146 (revised scoring system) or 400 (old scoring system); GRE Quantitative: 144 (revised scoring system) or 400 (old scoring system); GRE Analytical Writing: 3.5. Students should keep in mind multiple factors are considered in admissions decisions in addition to GPA and GRE scores.

Individual Qualities
Beyond strong academic training and achievement, the program values diversity, leadership skills, clinical experience, and interpersonal expertise. Speech-language pathologists need to work effectively with clients and other professionals and take a lead role in advocating for their clients and the discipline. The admissions committee evaluates potential in this area through review of each student’s resume, personal statement, and letters of reference.

All students are expected to have strong command of the English language. Both domestic and international students may be subject to evaluation of English proficiency.

Additional Requirements

Background Check
The Joint Commission requires all incoming students to submit a background check. This one-time fee must be paid directly to the company performing the background investigation and the report will be provided to KU after acceptance into the program. For more information, please see the School of Health Professions background check instructions. A drug screening is required of all students participating in clinical settings.

Technical Standards and Accommodations
Please read the program technical standards carefully. Signed verification will be required of students after they have been accepted. Reasonable accommodations will be made for any accepted student who has a documented disability and can meet program expectations. Applicants with documented disabilities can request reasonable accommodations if needed during the admissions process.

International Students:
An applicant is considered an international student if he or she requires a visa, or currently resides in the U.S. with non-immigrant status, or currently resides in the U.S. while applying for permanent residency. Additional requirements and documentation, such as proof of English language proficiency, are required for international students to become eligible for KU programs. Please visit the KU Office of International Student Services before applying. Read more: information for international students in the School of Health Professions.

About Provisional Admission

Individuals who have not completed undergraduate prerequisite course work in communication sciences and disorders may apply and may be admitted on a provisional basis if he or she has exceptionally strong academic credentials. The criteria for provisional admission include the following

  1. General acceptability for admission to the program

  2. Minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7

  3. Minimum GRE scores: Verbal 153 (revised scoring system) or 500 (old scoring system), Quantitative 148 (revised scoring system) or 590 (old scoring system)

Please note: Applicants meeting the above criteria are not guaranteed acceptance into the program.

For complete admission requirements please visit the IPCD website.

Graduate Admission

Submit your graduate application online.

Contact with any questions.

Requirements for the M.A. Degree with a Major in Speech-Language Pathology


Degree Requirements

The program requires 34 credit hours of experiences for breadth and an additional 12 to 16 hours for depth.

Required Graduate Experiences for Breadth (34)
SPLH 888Multicultural Considerations in Speech-Language-Hearing I1
SPLH 889Multicultural Considerations in Speech-Language-Hearing II1
SPLH 860Evaluation of Speech and Language2
SPLH 862Clinical Processes 12
SPLH 864Advanced Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology 27
SPLH 868Professional Seminar 32
Research experience (thesis or nonthesis option)3
SPLH electives (8 seminars, 2 credit hours each)16
Required Graduate Experiences for Depth (12-16)
SPLH 866Field Study in Speech-Language Pathology5
Advanced electives (SPLH, outside department, or thesis)6
Second field study or fourth practicum experience1-5

This course is taken twice for a total of 2 credit hours.


This course is taken more than once for a total of 7 credit hours


 This course is taken more than once for a total of 2 credit hours

Students also must pass the Speech-Language Pathology PRAXIS examination with a score of at least 162.

Other requirements:

  • Pass both formative and summative exams.

  • Completion of an acceptable thesis and oral defense.

Program without thesis

The non-thesis program has the same degree requirements as those described above for the M.A., except that the thesis is replaced with a minimum of 3 credits of additional research-related coursework, a research practicum experience, or an independent study course.  The latter 2 options may include independent research projects or on-going laboratory activities.

Requirements for the M.S. in Education Degree with a Specialization in Deaf Education

For information, see Special Education in the School of Education section of the online catalog.