BS in Applied Computing with concentration in Economics

Applied Computing with Economics Concentration 4-Year Graduation Plan

EECS 1011EECS 1404
EECS 1684MATH 1264
MATH 125 (Core 34: Math and Statistics (SGE))030*4ECON 1443
ECON 142 (Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE))050***3Core 34: English (SGE)0103
Core 34: English (SGE)0103Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE)0503
 15 17
EECS 2684EECS 2104
MATH 1274EECS 3484
ECON 5203EECS 4683
Core 34: Communications (SGE)0203ECON 5223
 MATH 2902
 14 16
EECS 3884EECS 3304
EECS 4613EECS 6784
ECON elective A13ECON 5263
Core 34: US Culture (SGE)0703ECON elective A23
PHIL 375 (Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE))060**3Core 34: Global Culture (SGE)0703
 16 17
EECS 5813EECS 582 (Capstone)3
EECS 5653EECS CS elective 23
EECS CS elective 13EECS CS elective 33
ECON elective B13ECON elective B23
Core 34: Natural and Physical Sciences (SGE)0403Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE)0603
 15 15
Total Hours 125


*  - This course is a Required major course and is also part of Core 34: Systemwide General Education.  If this course is not taken to fulfill the Core 34:SGE requirement, it must be taken in place of elective hours.

**  - This course is a Recommended Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This specific course is not required but is recommended by the program’s faculty.

***  - This course is a Required Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This program is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to require this specific Core 34:Systemwide General Education course.  If a student did not take this course it must be taken in addition to other degree requirements.