Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Why pursue the B.G.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences degree option?

If, as a student, your personal goals are best served by:

  • A more broad-based, liberal arts and sciences curriculum with balanced contributions from natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, and the humanities (requiring exploration in 15 different disciplines  in the College).
  • The broadest preparation for admission into a professional program.
  • An avenue for adding a bachelor’s degree to an already existing technical degree or licensure certificate.
  • A degree option with maximum flexibility.
  • A distance-education option for a KU degree.
  • A degree that provides students the opportunity to build the skills and knowledge employers indicate are required for success in our changing economy and world community — skills that are limited in current college graduates.

The B.G.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences degree option is:

  • Not an “Easy Out” degree option. Academic standards are the same for all degrees granted by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • Not a quick option for a bachelor’s degree.  (A minimum of 120 hours is required, including degree specific coursework.)  
  • Not an option in which students may pursue majors or minors in the College.