Are you interested in how public policy and legal institutions address gender, race, class, and sexuality? Are you passionate about solving problems of violence, inequality, and opportunity?

The Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies now offers an undergraduate certificate that allows students to explore these topics through interdisciplinary courses that utilize methods from anthropology, history, law, literary criticism, political science, psychology and sociology. 

In this program, you will: 

  • Learn how gender and sexuality shape access to justice
  • Use scientific, historical, cross-cultural, and literary tools to analyze the law from a critical perspective
  • Build better policy solutions to real social problems

Come work toward a more just and equitable world!

Total 12 Credit Hours, Including:

  • Introductory Course: 100+ level 
  • Elective: 300+ level
  • Elective: 400+ level 
  • WGSS 563 Gender, Sexuality and the Law (available online) 

Eligible WGSS Courses Include:  

WGSS 101Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 111Introduction to Human Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 319History, Women, and Diversity in the U.S.3
WGSS 327Perspectives in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies3
WGSS 339Feminist Social Movements3
WGSS 351Women and Leadership: The Legislative Process3
WGSS 521Women and Violence3
WGSS 562Women and Politics3
WGSS 563Gender, Sexuality and the Law3
WGSS 565Gender, Culture, and Migration3
WGSS 600Contemporary Feminist Political Theory3
WGSS 630Politics of Identity3
WGSS 640Politics of Reproductive Policy3
WGSS 650Service Learning in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies3
WGSS 653Gender, War, and Peace3
WGSS 662Gender and Politics in Africa3