Health Data Science Graduate Certificate

The Health Data Science Graduate Certificate is awarded to those who have demonstrated specialized knowledge in a scientific field, but not to the level required by a postgraduate master’s degree. The Health Data Science Graduate Certificate requires individuals to acquire sufficient knowledge and expertise to permit them to work at the frontier of their field by:

  1. becoming familiar with biostatistical methods in research, business and industry.
  2. becoming excellent consumers of the literature where biostatistical applications are utilized.
  3. applying many of the common biostatistical methods to compliment his or her every day job duties. Course work in this proposal is designed with this purpose in mind.

This program brings statistics and data science together with a focus on health data. This combination of skill sets is highly sought after and is required in many healthcare institutions and industries. The Health Data Science Graduate Certificate degree typically compliments prior education and careers in: 

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Health Care
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Health Analytics
  • Health Research
  • Government
  • Biotechnology