Applied Data Science Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science teaches you how to extract, refine, analyze, and deliver data that has enormous values in today's Big Data Boom. The program provides focused knowledge to equip students with skills in statistical and computational methods for acquisition and analysis of Big Data that allows them to make an immediate impact in their field and realize a more rewarding career.

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science, the student should be prepared to apply many of the common statistical methods to complement his or her every day job duties. Therefore, the student must have a basic understanding of the statistical theory and practice and should be proficient in the application of common statistical methods to one or more areas application. At the completion of the Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science, the student should be able to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the practice of data science as applicable to his or her field.
  2. function as a collaborator on a research team.
  3. critically evaluate the literature where data science applications are used.
  4. take a leadership role in the implementation of a research project.
  5. prepare reports and publications resulting from research studies.
  6. serve as an advocate for proper statistical design and interpretation of results in his or her field.