The School of Public Affairs and Administration also offers a minor option for the law and society program. The minor requires 18 hours of coursework. This includes nine hours of core courses and nine hours of electives, either from Law and Society courses, or relevant interdisciplinary courses.

Core Courses
LWS 330Introduction to Law & Society3
LWS 333The Pursuit of Rights: Law, Democracy & Power3
Completion of one of the following two courses3
Methods in Law and Society
Theoretical Foundations of Law and Society
Choose three of the following. Other relevant courses may be approved on an ad hoc basis.
Methods in Law and Society
Theoretical Foundations of Law and Society
Internship in Law & Society
Research Experience in Law & Society
Directed Readings
Topics in Public Administration: _____
Capstone in Law and Society
Introduction to Public Administration
Hard Choices in Public Administration: _____
Conducting the People's Business Ethically
Metropolitics and Macroproblems: The American City in Local and Global Context
Crime and Punishment
Diversity in Public Administration
Concepts of Civil Society
Public Service Leadership
The Black Experience in the U.S. Since Emancipation
Legal Issues and the African American
African American Urban Community and Class in the Midwest
Global Ethnic and Racial Relations
The Civil Rights Movement
History of the Black Power Movement
Independent Living and People with Disabilities
Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Applied Behavioral Science
Border Patrolled States
American Racial and Ethnic Relations
Gender, Culture, and Migration
Stereotyping and Prejudice Across Cultures
Psychology and Social Issues
Principles of Sociology
Principles of Social Problems
Sociology of Deviance
Gender, Sexuality and the Law
Politics of Reproductive Policy
Gender, War, and Peace
Legal Aspects of Business