Accelerated Master of Urban Planning

Only current KU undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts &Sciences (CLAS) are eligible to apply to the Accelerated Master of Urban Planning. If you are not a current undergraduate student at KU, please consider the Master of Urban Planning.

The Accelerated Master of Urban Planning combines a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences undergraduate degree in any major and the Master of Urban Planning. It is designed for students who have a passion for problem solving and helping communities engage with their futures and the futures of plants, animals, and the land. It allows well-qualified students to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years, rather than the six years it would take to earn each degree separately. This program combines in-depth training in the major of the student’s choice with an accredited professional master’s degree in urban planning. Graduates are prepared for careers in the public, private and not-for profit sectors helping make communities better places.

Any CLAS undergraduate major is good preparation for an urban planning career because the profession is so wide-ranging in the skills required. Planners can be specialists (transportation, sustainable land use, or housing and development) or generalists working on how all these systems work together to create great places. Planners can be technical experts working with numbers or communicators building relationships or both. Get the undergraduate degree you have always wanted, then the career you probably did not know existed, but is right and meaningful for you and what you care about.