Graduate Certificate in Architectural Acoustics

The Graduate Level Certificate in Architectural Acoustics will be earned primarily by architecture and architectural engineering students who want to enhance their knowledge of acoustics in specialized areas of room acoustics, architectural noise control, mechanical and electrical system noise control, and electro-acoustic systems.

To receive the Graduate Level Certificate in Architectural Acoustics students must complete 12 hours from the courses listed below, including both ARCH 720 and ARCH 721. For Architecture Engineering students, they are required to complete ARCE 720 and ARCE 721. ARCH 720 and ARCE 720 are cross-listed courses, and ARCH 721 and ARCE 721 are cross-listed courses. Students cannot repeat credits with ARCH 720 and ARCE 720, or ARCH 721 and ARCE 721. 

ARCH 720Architectural Acoustics3
ARCH 721Electro-Acoustical Systems3
ARCH 608Urban Dwelling (Architectural Design V and other architectural studios - participation in studio or providing assistance to studio students designing a venue where architectural acoustics is important)6
ARCH 700Directed Readings in Architecture: (Acoustic Focus)1-3
ARCH 600Special Topics in Architecture: _____ (Acoustic & Theatrical Design Considerations for Performance Facilities)3
ARCE 720Architectural Acoustics3
ARCE 721Electro-Acoustical Systems3

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