Graduate Certificate in Designbuild

 There are three primary paths to earn the Design-Build Certificate:
1) Studio 804: ARCH 803 Design-Build & Materiality I (6) + ARCH 804 Design-Build & Materiality II (6)
2) Design-Build+: ARCH 509 Design-Build Studio (6) + (2) additional qualifying 3-credit hour courses
3) Elective Courses: (4) qualifying 3-credit hour courses
If needed, any of the above courses could be replaced with ARCH 799 Independent Study or ARCH 800 Special Topics in Architecture,  focusing on the specific subject area.  

ARCH 509Designbuild6
ARCH 600Special Topics in Architecture: _____ (Furniture Design and/or Digital Fabrication )3
ARCH 622Material Investigations3
ARCH 803Design-Build and Materiality I6
ARCH 804Design-Build and Materiality II6

Please direct questions regarding the Designbuild Graduate Certificate to:
Chad Kraus, Associate Professor of Architecture,

Applicants must meet all admissions requirements for certificate-seeking graduate admission as defined by the University's policy on Admission to Graduate Study.