Department of Architecture


Architecture is inherently an interdisciplinary field of study, integrating knowledge from art, science, and the humanities. As a method of practice, it is a complex, collaborative, professional activity aimed at improving the quality of life for people and the planet. The discipline requires creative, critical, agile, and integrative thinking. Architecture deals with highly complex problems and aims to solve them not only competently, but in a way that ennobles society. The curriculum responds to these considerations by offering a series of overlapping sequences in professional and academic course work.


The Department of Architecture engages in progressive knowledge generation, dissemination, and application through its core activities of teaching, scholarship, and service to enhance the quality of life for people and the planet. The department furthers this mission by offering 4 degrees:

  • The Master of Architecture (an NAAB-accredited professional degree);
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (a pre-professional program); and
  • 2 post-professional graduate degrees,
    • the Master of Arts in Architecture
    • the Ph.D. in Architecture