Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

Architectural Studies, The B.A. Path

The B.A. in Architectural Studies is designed to serve as a platform or foundational degree for students who plan to specialize in architecture and other disciplines that focus on the design, planning and construction of the built environment.  It exposes students to ideas and practices currently followed in all of the School’s design disciplines and it focuses on many of the business, communications and organizational skills that are not covered in the technical requirements of the graduate curricula.  Students at KU who start in the B.A. in Architectural Studies, co-enroll in graduate professional degrees and take courses that count toward the B.A. and the graduate professional degree.

Some students may opt to complete the 124-credit B.A. without continuing and completing the additional year (or two) required to finish one of the professional degree paths.  The four-year, 124-credit course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Architectural Studies prepares students for graduate education in many other fields such as law, business, government, facility management, and public administration that are enhanced by a broad knowledge of architecture.  It also prepares them for work in a number of fields related to architecture.

Students who complete the B.A. and later wish to become licensed architects may pursue a professionally accredited Master of Architecture degree.  This educational path may include KU’s accredited M.Arch III or it may include a three-year M.Arch III at one of the many other architecture schools that offer this graduate professional degree.

NOTE:  Students admitted to the B.A. Architectural Studies degree prior to 2018 must follow the 4-year, 124-credit curriculum in place at the time of their admission. (see the KU Academic Catalog for 2013).  Students admitted in a future semester must follow a new 120 hour degree curriculum (to be determined at a later date).