Undergraduate Certificate in Book Arts

The Undergraduate Certificate in Book Arts requires 12-13 credit hours. The specific requirements are as follows:

Studio, Cultural & Historical Electives: (9-10 credit hours)
VISC 310Letterpress3
VISC 410Digital Letterpress3
VISC 414Publication and Editorial4
PHTO 360The Photobook3
VISC 360The Photobook3
PRNT 300Special Topics in Printmaking: _____ (Papermaking)3
Print 200+ (Any PRNT course at the 200+ level)3
ADS 560Topics in Design: _____ (Hamilton Wood Type Workshop)3
ADS 580Special Problems in Design (Coordinator Approval Required)1-6
ADS 532Study Abroad: _____ (Typography & Printmaking in Italy)3
ADS 533Study Abroad Documentation (Typography & Printmaking in Italy Documentation)3
ENGL 520History of the Book3
HIST 500History of the Book3
HA 510Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books3
Capstone: (3 credit hours)
VISC 435Book Arts3
Important Notes:

VISC 435 should be taken only after completion of at least one course from the Studio, Cultural & Historical Electives requirement.

In order to officially earn the Certificate in Book Arts, students must email ltalleur@ku.edu and ZacShields@ku.edu to officially declare the certificate. This may be done at any point up until the time of a student's graduation.

Helpful Contacts:

Linda Talleur, Program Coordinator, Instructor: ltalleur@ku.edu 

Zac Shields, Coordinator of Design Student Services & Advising: ZacShields@ku.edu