The Undergraduate Certificate in Book Arts includes 12-13 credit hours of studio and an historical or cultural elective. The specific classes and options are as follows:

Required Foundation:

VISC 435: Book Arts (3 credit hours)

Studio Electives: (6-7 credit hours)

VISC 310: Letterpress

VISC 414: Publication Design

VISC 440: Book Structures

PHMD 560: Photo Book

EXM 500: The Artists' Book

PRNT 224/325: Relief Printing

PRNT 300: Paper Making

ADS 580: Special Problems in Book Arts

ADS 532: Typography & Printing in Italy

ADS 560: Hamilton Wood Type Workshop

Historical/Cultural Elective: (3 credit hours)

ENGL 520/HIST 500: History of the Book

ENGL 177: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: the Rise and Fall of the Book

HA 510: Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

ADS 533: Typography & Printing in Italy Documentation