Jack Lockton Undergraduate Certificate in Insurance & Risk Management

An initial required course, FIN 208 Principles of Insurance & Risk Management, is the gateway into the certificate program.  To ensure required numeracy and critical thinking skills, ECON 142 Microeconomics (which satisfies KU Core goal 3S and is required for all BSB degree students) is a prerequisite to FIN 208.  An additional course, FIN 424 Operational Risk Management, is also required.  FIN 424 has FIN 310 Finance – required of all BSB degree students -- as a prerequisite.  An additional two courses from a specified list of eight courses in finance, marketing, management, and mathematics complete the course requirements.  To be awarded the certificate students must complete the two required and two elective classes with a minimum GPA of 2.5. 

Required courses:                                                                                      

FIN 208 Principles of Insurance & Risk Management or FIN 408 Principles of Insurance & Risk Management 

FIN 424 Operational Risk Management

Elective courses (choose two):

MKTG 316 Professional Selling Skills

FIN 418 Modeling & Risk Analysis

MGMT 419 Managing Performance & Compensation

FIN 422 Financial Modeling

FIN 425 Futures & Options

FIN 445 Fixed Income

FIN 454 Portfolio Strategy

MATH 630 Actuarial Mathematics

    (NB. The Department of Mathematics has approved MATH 630 as an elective for the certificate)