University’s Core requirement + the following four courses, two of which are new:

MKTG 305/MKTG 310:  To provide an overview of the marketing process, and articulate the role of the sales force in the marketing mix.  These courses are currently offered.  

Two courses specific to professional selling, neither of which is offered.  Descriptions below:

PROFESSIONAL SELLING   (Pre requisite 305/310)

Course Description: This course surveys the practice of professional selling steps in a logical and orderly sequence. The course covers an assortment of selling skills such as listening, communications, handling objections, and closing. Students are taught that successful salespeople learn to be a helper, a problem solver and an advisor to the customer. The successful salesperson will unselfishly persuade a prospective customer to buy a good, a service or an idea that benefits the customer. Finally, the course will provide the student with an understanding of how the function of professional selling fits into the overall marketing mix.  The content of the course will include lectures, case discussion, and role-plays. 

Illustrative Textbook:

Fundamentals of Selling Futrell, Charles M. 12th edition (2012) McGraw-Hill 


Course Description:  This course builds upon the professional selling coursework and explores industry standard strategic selling processes.  Typically, this will involve a deeper examination of the sales processes at select industries and an articulation of various sales approaches from transaction-based selling all the way to relationship-based selling.  The course will also illustrate the role of utilizing technology such as cloud-based CRM systems and other digital tools (linked-in, blogs, and social media) available to augment the sales process.  Some portion of the course will be devoted to experiential activities such as salesperson job shadowing, participation in sales simulation contests, and selling competitions.  

MKTG 425: SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT: To provide an overview of the concepts and tools relevant to sales force management, which will help sales professionals better conduct their jobs, and ultimately, help with career advancement.  This course is currently offered.