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Charly Edmonds, Director, Ph.D. Program

Financial Aid

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program receive financial assistance. Contingent on satisfactory progress and availability of funds, the school provides financial assistance to most students for the first 4 years of their programs. Financial assistance is available in varying degrees through assistantships, fellowships, grants, loans, and employment.


During the first year, most doctoral students are appointed as research or teaching assistants. During 2022-23, a graduate teaching assistantship paid about $2,300 a month, and a 50-percent-time graduate research assistantship paid about $2,300 a month plus tuition and fees. Appointment as a graduate teaching assistant at 40-percent time or more entitles the student to a 100-percent tuition waiver.

For non-native speakers of English, an appointment as a graduate teaching assistant is only made after the student passes the SPEAK test or the Test of Spoken English administered by KU’s Applied English Center.

Fellowships and Grants

The School of Business has been successful in nominating doctoral students for fellowships and grants from sources outside the school. Business students have received awards from the Richard D. Irwin Foundation, Kauffman Foundation, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Beta Gamma Sigma, the American Accounting Association, Accounting Doctoral Scholars, and KU. These awards allow the student to receive support for a semester while working on his or her dissertation.

The School of Business maintains active files on these and other sources of fellowships and grants, recommends qualified students for the awards, and works closely with students in submitting application materials

Visit the Graduate Studies website for information about other funding opportunities for graduate students at KU.

Assistance in the form of loans or employment is available through:

Financial Aid and Scholarships
KU Visitor Center
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