Business Administration B.B.A.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) exposes students to a broad range of topics such as business law, economics, finance, management, marketing and international business. The accredited BBA program curriculum provides a strong professional education within a broad liberal arts context.

Program outcomes include strong verbal and written communication skills, an aptitude for technology, data analysis proficiency, a global perspective on business and the ability to maintain good professional relationships. Flexible course schedules make it easy for full-time employees to earn their degrees as part-time students.

The KU School of Business is proud to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB accreditation is the gold standard of quality in the world of business education.

Ideal candidates are individuals wanting to gain business theory, practical knowledge and professional skills in preparation for careers as business leaders. Those interested should have earned an associate's degree or equivalent credit hours and seek to complete requirements for a bachelor's degree.

This program is funded by the Johnson County Education and Research Triangle initiative.

B.B.A. Admission

Admission is competitive. Students should apply during the semester in which they will complete the minimum requirements for admission and after gaining admission to KU. The application is available on the Edwards Campus website. Deadlines are December 1 for spring, May 1 for summer, and July 1 for fall entry. Students who meet the minimum admission standards are not guaranteed admission.

Prebusiness Preparation

Students planning to enter the School of Business should work toward completing pre-admission requirements first.  Every student contemplating a business major in the School should enroll in a mathematics course during the first semester.  Students must take the following courses before admission to the school: 

ACCT 200Fundamentals of Financial Accounting4
ACCT 201Managerial Accounting I3
IST 202Introduction to Information Systems3
or IST 205 Survey of Information Systems
ECON 142Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 144Principles of Macroeconomics3
Various (MATH 365, PSYC 210, COMS 356, BIOL 570, SOC 510, etc., for example)

See the Office of Admissions for more information.

Minimum Requirements

To satisfy minimum standards for admission to the School of Business, a student must

  1. Complete 60 college credit hours including ACCT 200, ACCT 201, IST 202 or IST 205, statistics (with prerequisite MATH 101), ECON 142ECON 144, and PSYC 104 (or their equivalents).

Because admission is competitive, students who meet the minimum admission standards may not be admitted.

Guaranteed admission to the School of Business is possible when achievement of a grade-point average of 3.0 in all professional course work (business and economics) has been met at the time of application (in addition to the minimum requirements listed above).

Transfer Students

Transfer students may find it to their advantage to enter KU before the completion of their associate's degree, because some required courses may be available only at KU. Students attending Kansas community colleges should consult their advisors and a KU School of Business advisor about course equivalents and articulation agreements to ensure progress toward the degree. The Office of Admissions provides a guide to how classes at your current or former school transfer to KU. You must submit official transcripts of course work completed to the Office of Admissions before a final determination can be made.

At least 30 hours of junior/senior School of Business course work must be completed at KU (courses in residence) for the student to be eligible for graduation. As of fall 2008, only transfer grades of C- or higher apply toward graduation from the KU School of Business.

64-Hour Rule

A maximum of 64 hours of community college course work can be applied toward a KU business degree. All subsequent credit hours earned at a community college or other 2-year institution add an equivalent number of hours to the 120-hour minimum required to graduate.  A minimum of 56 university or 4-year institution credits are required.

10-Year Rule

Transfer business credits are limited to a 10-year span in which they can be considered equivalent to a KU School of Business course and satisfy any corresponding requirement. This 10-year limit begins on the date of completion of the credit. After 10 years, transfer business credits are treated as elective business credit, and a course repeat or update may be necessary.

Tentative Evaluation of Credit

Before enrolling in a non-KU course, students may submit KU’s standard Request for Tentative Evaluation of Credit form to Student and Academic Services for approval.


Students must submit an application for readmission to KU if their lapse in attendance is one semester or more. See the Office of Admissions for more information. Students may be readmitted to the School of Business if they left the School in good standing and it has been less than 5 years since they last attended.

5-Year Rule

If a student does not complete the business degree within five years of last attendance, the student must reapply through the competitive admission process. Students also must complete degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission to the business school regardless of the initial program.


Students who have been dismissed from the School must reapply through the competitive admission process.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Requirements

KU Edwards Campus

This program for students who want to attain practical knowledge, business theory, and professional skills in preparation for careers as business leaders. It covers a broad range of topics including business law, economics, finance, management and leadership, marketing, and international business. Calculus is not required.

Offered exclusively at the KU Edwards Campus, 12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park, KS 66213, this program responds to the needs and goals of nontraditional part-time students. In addition to the 39 credit hours listed below, School of Business graduation requirements apply. Contact Baden Fox, 913-897-8539, for information and advising.

B.B.A. Curriculum

BBA 301Managerial Economics3
BBA 302Legal Aspects of Business3
BBA 303Organizational Behavior3
BBA 304Marketing3
BBA 305Management Science and Operations Management3
BBA 306Finance3
BBA 307Introduction to International Business3
BBA 308Business Policy and Strategy3
BBA advanced business electives:15
Special Topics in Business Administation: _____ (Management & Culture Across the Globe)
Marketing Management and Strategy
Human Resources Management
Ethical Decision Making in Business
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Advanced Finance - Principle and Applications
Information Systems Technology Elective: _____ (Process Controls & Frauds)
Accounting Elective: _____ (Cost Management)
Project Management
Individual Research in Business
Intermediate Financial Accounting I
Intermediate Financial Accounting II
Foundations of Taxation
Principles of Auditing
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: _____ (Family Business Management)
Corporate Entrepreneurship

B.B.A. candidates may earn an Accounting Certificate.  Please visit the certificate website for more details.

Please visit the B.B.A. website for further information.

Graduation Requirements

Grade-Point Average Required for Graduation

To be eligible to graduate from the School of Business, a student must earn a grade-point average of 2.2 in

  1. Total hours attempted from all schools (including Independent Study through KU Continuing Education),
  2. All professional (business and economics) courses attempted from all schools,
  3. Total hours attempted at KU, and
  4. All professional hours attempted at KU.

B.B.A. candidates must achieve a 2.5 grade-point average in the 21 credit hours that include BBA 307, BBA 308, and the 5+ advanced business electives.

Tentative Evaluation of Credit

Before enrolling in a non-KU course, students must submit KU’s standard Request for Tentative Evaluation of Credit form to Student and Academic Services for approval.

Independent Study Through KU Continuing Education

After admission to the school, students may complete up to 30 hours of Independent Study through KU Continuing Education. Prior approval from the school is recommended.