Minor in Biomedical Engineering

The purpose of the Biomedical Engineering (BME) minor is to more strongly attract and serve engineering undergraduate students who are seriously interested in biomedical engineering careers. The minor will provide substantial exposure to biomedical engineering concepts and applications, and provide a stronger credential for students seeking jobs in the biomedical field. It will also better prepare students to be more effective in careers in the field, and will help better prepare students who are seeking graduate studies in biomedical engineering.

The general goals and objectives for the BME Minor are:

  1. Provide students with exposure and experiences with the application of engineering principles, physics, chemistry, physiology, and modern biology to BME applications;
  2. Train students to apply basic sciences and engineering principles to biological problems;
  3. Train students to apply research/design to relevant BME problems.

In order to declare a minor in Biomedical Engineering, students must have been admitted to the School of Engineering and to the major of their choice. Students must declare the BME minor by completing a declaration of minor form and are strongly encouraged to do so as early as possible. This will allow the best opportunity for advising to minimize the number of courses/credits required beyond the major degree requirements.