Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program is designed for undergraduate students with a strong interest in practical training in professional management career pathways. The BPS degree is a professional track baccalaureate completion degree for students transferring to KU with an associate degree or equivalent hours and who are looking to complete the last two years necessary for a bachelor’s degree. The BPS program is unique because it draws upon coursework from multiple programs and disciplines.

The flexible curriculum of this degree program allows students to transfer in credit from a community college or other accredited institution and create a baccalaureate degree pathway to demonstrate their ability to succeed in courses with content relevant to their anticipated profession. Students in the BPS program choose a concentration that aligns with their professional goals in the areas of Applied Data Analytics, Health Policy and Management, or Project Management.

Concentration Option #1: Applied Data Analytics

The concentration in Applied Data Analytics is designed for undergraduate students with a strong interest in information technology to build entry-level practical and applied training in data analytics, operational analytics, research analysis, big data, and data management-related career pathways. The concentration provides students interested in information technology seeking to specialize in applied data and visual management systems and applications with program curriculum content relevant to technology applications of applied data science.

Concentration Option #2: Health Policy and Management

The Health Policy and Management concentration is ideal for students seeking to pursue careers in health management and policy in any of a variety of health care organizations and public settings, working in the legal, management, or policy making aspects of the health care sector. The concentration will provide the student with an understanding of the organizational, management, economic, and financial structures of health care organizations, as well as the legal, ethical, and governmental policies of the health care industry.  Students will learn about the societal context of various healthcare delivery systems and the major issues and challenges affecting the healthcare industry.

Concentration Option #3: Project Management

The concentration in Project Management provides undergraduate students seeking to enter project management professions the opportunity to learn how theory and practice work together to solve real-world problems in a variety of fields. The flexibility built into the BPS degree allows students to pair the project management foundation provided through the Project Management concentration with additional areas of interest to tailor your education to your desired career path such as:

  • Information technology management
  • Construction management
  • Healthcare management
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Public administration