Master of Arts in Organizational Communication

The Master of Arts in Organizational Communication is an online degree that focuses on helping early- and mid-career professionals refine an advanced set of communication competencies related to understanding and managing organizational culture, team productivity and their personal career growth. The degree is applicable to a wide range of professions, including human resources, communications, or engineering – especially as one advances into management and leadership positions.

Professionals in every field today must be skilled at communicating across boundaries and uniting people around big new ideas and business imperatives. The MA in Organizational Communication provides students research-based insights helpful in clarifying, connecting, and inspiring diverse groups of employees and customers through communication. This differentiating communication skillset will help graduates become a trusted advisor for peers, company leaders and clients. Whether planning for a role change, looking to transition back into the workforce after taking care of family, or simply looking to effectively share expertise with others, advanced communication knowledge helps professionals transition within and across multiple industries and professions over the long term.

The program focuses on key facets of communication within organizations such as,

  • Effectively building trust, prevent conflict across diverse teams and departments
  • Identifying the management communication issues driving low employee engagement
  • Leading a global team on a complex organizational change project
  • Increasing retention of a diverse workforce with inclusive team communication practices
  • Building effective onboarding programs for new hires and promotions
  • Distilling survey findings into a presentation or report to address the concerns of multiple stakeholders or audiences, from marketing to finance and manufacturing
  • Leveraging the power of social networks to successfully launch new internal initiatives, products