Bachelor of Health Sciences

KU’s online Bachelor of Health Sciences is a degree completion program that provides students hoping to enter health science professions the opportunity to strengthen their background in content related to their anticipated healthcare profession. The program also lets students explore elective courses that help them concentrate their knowledge in areas including nutrition, public and population health, and health management and policy. Students should be sure to discuss their longterm plans with their academic success coach for help selecting the best courses for their desired educational pathway and career.

The field of health sciences covers a variety of in-demand professions, including public health, health care, nutrition and more. Someone with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences might apply their knowledge in the following ways:

  • Continuing to graduate school in a variety of specialized areas in health care or medicine
  • Entering healthcare administration or continuing to graduate school in healthcare administration
  • Researching and implementing public health initiatives
  • Advising local or state governments regarding elements of healthcare or public health policies