BFA in Design with concentration in Visual Communication Design

Shape the information people see, use, and experience. 

The field of Visual Communication Design, also known as Graphic Design, empowers students to utilize their creative flair, evidence-based design principles, and technical proficiency to craft compelling visual solutions that effectively elucidate, entertain, and inspire audiences. Visual communication permeates every aspect of our surroundings, whether it's the bustling city streets or peaceful park trails. It surrounds us, presenting ideas, providing instructions, influencing choices, and narrating stories. At KU, the Visual Communication Design program encourages students to question conventional approaches and concepts by fostering creative exploration, hands-on inquiry, and systematic design research.

We equip our students to excel as graphic designers, UX/UI developers, marketing creatives, and versatile communicators across various disciplines. Through our program, they become innovative practitioners and socially-engaged leaders, ready to thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

The BFA in Design, Visual Communication Design degree consist of a carefully-arranged sequence of courses that follow a four-year track from the fall semester of a student's year of admission to the program. Studios are typically only available in either fall or spring semesters and cannot be compressed into an accelerated time frame.

Year 1
BDS 101 (Studio)4VISC 101 (Studio)4
BDS 103 (Studio)4IXD 101 (Studio)4
Core 34: English (SGE)010 3ADS 3403
HA 100 or 151 (Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE))060**3Core 34: Math and Statistics (SGE)030 3
ADS 3201Core 34: English (SGE)010 3
 15 17
Year 2
VISC 202 (Studio)4VISC 302 (Studio)4
VISC 204 (Studio)4VISC 304 (Studio)4
ADS 345 or 3463IXD 3023
ADS 3201ADS 3201
Core 34: Natural and Physical Sciences (SGE)040 4Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE)050 3
 16 15
Year 3
VISC 405 (Studio)4VISC 402 (Studio)4
Major Studio Elective (ADS, IXD, VISC)4Major Studio Elective (ADS, IXD, VISC)4
Core 34: Communications (SGE)020 3VISC 4303
Core 34: Social and Behavior Science (SGE)050 3ADS 4023
 14 14
Year 4
VISC 4654VISC 470 (Capstone)4
Major Studio Elective (ADS, IXD, VISC)4Major Studio Elective (ADS, IXD, VISC)4
ADS 4503ADS 4551
Core 34: Arts and Humanities (SGE)060 3Core 34: US Culture (SGE)070 3
 Core 34: Global Culture (SGE)0703
 14 15
Total Hours 120
ADS 320: KU Design Professional Lecture Series, three credit hours of ADS 320 are required.

Major Studio Electives (16 credits) 
VISC 310Letterpress4
VISC 410Digital Letterpress4
VISC 435Book Arts4
VISC 440Bookmaking4
VISC 414Publication and Editorial4
VISC 415Motion Design4
VISC 426Experiential Design4
VISC 450Typographic Universe4
IXD 402Interaction Design 24
IXD 404Dataviz and Digital Storytelling4
IXD 415Emerging Technologies 14
ADS 531Internship Credit1-6
ADS 532Study Abroad: _____3
ADS 533Study Abroad Documentation3
ADS 560Topics in Design: _____4


*  - This course is a Required major course and is also part of Core 34: Systemwide General Education.  If this course is not taken to fulfill the Core 34:SGE requirement, it must be taken in place of elective hours.

**  - This course is a Recommended Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This specific course is not required but is recommended by the program’s faculty.

***  - This course is a Required Core 34: Systemwide General Education course.  This program is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents to require this specific Core 34:Systemwide General Education course.  If a student did not take this course it must be taken in addition to other degree requirements.