Global and International Studies

Why Global and International Studies?

A degree in GIST will give you the tools to understand the rapid changes occurring internationally and transnationally throughout the world. In our interdisciplinary program, faculty and students think critically about some of the most fundamental global and regional issues facing societies today such as:

  • population growth,
  • politics and governance,
  • migration,
  • the global economy,
  • poverty and inequality,
  • religion, race and ethnicity,
  • gender and sexuality,
  • peace and conflict, and
  • climate change.

Besides quality instruction and content, our students have access to the amazing international resources that put KU on the top shelf for international education--a nationally-ranked Study Abroad Program, instruction in 40 foreign languages, and local, national, and international internship opportunities.

After graduation, a degree in GIST is helpful for careers in journalism, Foreign Service, business and industry, education, law, politics and government, and social service agencies.