BGS in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BGS in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies. To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website

LANG U Elementary American Sign Language I3LANG U Elementary American Sign Language II3
SPED U Introduction to the Deaf Community3ENGL 1023
ENGL 1013KU Core Goal 3S - Social Science3
KU Core Goal 1.1 - Critical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy3Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
KU Core Goal 2.2 - Communication3KU Core Goal 3H - Humanities3
 15 15
LANG U Intermediate American Sign Language3LANG U Intermediate American Sign Language II3
LANG U Fingerspelling I2LING S Intro to American Sign Language Linguistics3
MATH 101 (satisfies KU Core Goal 1.2)3ENGL H American Sign Language Literature3
KU Core Goal 3N Natural Science with Lab4KU Core Goal 4.2 - Culture and Diversity3
KU Core Goal 4.1 - Culture and Diversity3Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
 15 15
ASLD 3113ASLD 3123
ASLD 3133ASLD 5063
ASLD 5053Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
KU Core Goal 5 - Social Responsibility and Ethics3Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
 15 15
ASLD 5013ASLD 5023
ASLD 5213ASLD 5883
Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3ASLD 6083
Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3Career Preparation Course3
Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3Elective or Minor/Certificate Course3
 15 15
Total Hours 120

The major requires a total of 30 credit hours (completed through 10 courses at three credit hours each). Please consult with the ASLD academic success coach.


The University of Kansas Edwards Campus only teaches classes at the Junior and Senior level. Students are recommended to meet with their Academic Success Coach/Advisor each semester to ensure that the degree requirements are met. This is a suggested semester-by-semester degree completion plan based on the transfer pathway from JCCC’s Associates of Arts program with the ASL Certificate. Students may follow the course sequencing above, but are not required to complete the course work in this order.

Please note:

The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one KU Core Goal. However, overlap of a KU Core course with a major or degree-specific requirement is allowed. Overlapping is recommended to allow more opportunities to explore other majors and/or minors.